Our Team

Barbara Egel


Barbara is an experienced communication strategist and business writer who has worked in a variety of fields from qualitative consumer research—with a specialty in sensitive topics such as mental health, sexuality, women’s health, aging, LGBTQ—to children’s multimedia publishing.

In each of her roles, Barbara has been a recognized innovator, speaking across North America on new techniques and approaches in qualitative research and reporting and developing writing intensives for MBA programs and C-suite executives.

Barbara applies her extensive skills as a moderator to listening objectively to client needs and asking questions that expose unacknowledged pain points and also discover unexpected possibilities in order to generate written collateral that represents clients’ brand and affect. A certified business presentation trainer and coach, she understands the unique writing challenges of both page and podium, and she has long experience in dealing with anxious writers and presenters at all levels.

Barbara teaches writing, including business communication, at the City Colleges of Chicago and Northwestern University. In her spare time, she writes some more, publishing book reviews, poetry, and plays.

Barbara has degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana and Northwestern University.